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Writer Book Editor Manuscript Editor Journaling Course Self-Care
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Writer Book Editor Manuscript Editor Journaling Course Self-Care
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Gardening as Self-Care

Living is in the doing.

Lynda Barry, "Syllabus"
Our body is constantly telling us how we need to live. 
What feels good. 
What's going well. 
What needs our attention. The red flags:
thoughts that spiral in our head
lapses in our memory
feelings that need space. 

I see us on auto-pilot, just going through the motions.
I see us putting off so many things for ourselves.
I see us wondering if there's another way of living.
I see us caught in limbo,
torn between everything we were taught
and the way forward. It feels like starting at zero.

we'll never be at "zero."
Whatever happens, there's still, and always will be, our selves:
body and mind.

Is it any wonder that we feel aimless on a daily basis?
We were told the way to live happily depended solely on others:
...on a significant other
...on biological children
...on parents and siblings
...on a circle of friends
They forgot to tell us: to live happily with others, 
we need to live happily with ourselves first.
We can leave a place or cut off a relationship.
But we can't get away from ourselves.

How might we get to know ourselves?
How might we start that path to our happiness?
Let our bodies lead the way:
using our senses
feeling our emotions
having a conversation with our inner selves
and learning from it

There's a time for talking and venting our emotions to others.
But we're the ones who could ever fully experience them. 
We're the ones who could ever understand ourselves the most.

This is a time for stopping and listening to ourselves.
This is a time for writing.
This is a time to express our thoughts
to listen and give space to our inner dialogue
with pen and paper
with our bodies sensing weight, texture, smell, sound, motion
with words no one else will read
with words meant finally, solely for ourselves.

This is how we begin

About Me
I'm a Writer and Freelance Editor with a passion for journaling and gardening for self-care.

Journaling became a ritual I turned to whenever I was conflicted. Pen-to-paper is one of the simplest, and most effective ways to take care of oneself. I've always considered writing to be for everyone, not just writers (or at least not only to get published). But we can only write what we know.

In our bodies and senses, we know who we really are, and we can steer our story and rewrite it if it no longer serves.

Join me in a Sensory Journaling Course to get started with journaling for self-care. Over the years, I've developed the ritual of sensory journaling: engaging the senses by bringing a bit of nature indoors with sound and aromatic promptsThe ritualized act of writing in a journal helps break through the mind's mental chatter, and gives room for self-soothing when feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

By getting back in touch with nature, we can live a more creative and sensory life. Gardening at home is the most accessible, immediate and enjoyable way to be in nature every day. Take part in this virtual experience with me and Special Ed trainer and music therapist, Marie Battaglia, as we share our gardening successes and failures, and how we use essential oils to help plants flourish while keeping kids, pollinators, and pets safe.

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